Deception Complex Impacts Campgrounds

Still0831_00002NEAR OAKRIDGE, Ore. — Heavy smoke hung over Oakridge and nearby areas due to the Deception Complex wildfire Sunday. While fire crews are making progress containing the blaze during the weekend, that smoke is causing many many people to change their holiday plans, but others decided to carry out their weekend plans.

The Deception Complex Fire is just a few miles up the from the Black Canyon Campground. Many campsites at the campground sit vacant on a normally busy holiday weekend, after the campground’s manager said a lot of people cancelled their reservations because of the nearby fire.

For the campers who stuck out the smoke, they said it hasn’t impacted them too much, except for some with respiratory issues like asthma.

“We saw the haze coming in Thursday morning and then I started feeling my throat getting kind of tight and scratchy and started coughing. So I got my inhalers and took even a sinus pill and it helped,” said camper Shauna Wirth.

“We noticed the rain yesterday more than the smoke,” said camper Mike Jordan.

One family said they checked online before heading to the campground to make sure the site was still open and said they were confident the fire wouldn’t spread toward the area, so they decided to keep their reservation and head out toward Oakridge for the holiday weekend.

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