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EUGENE, Ore. — The Festival of Eugene is making its last push for donations this weekend. But, organizers said they still have a few thousand dollars to raise by Monday to make the event happen.

Organizers said they received nearly $5,000 in donations this weekend. This all happened after a financial fall through on Friday when an anonymous sponsor backed out of a $10,000 donation.

The festival has until Monday to let the Eugene Police Department know if the fest will go on. That’s because EPD requires two weeks notice for an event that requires a police presence.

Now fest organizers are working to scale back the budget. Going from a more than $20,000 plan to just more than $13,000.

“Really looked a the budget. Okay, what can we take out of here? Do we really need $150 of balloons? Nope. Take those out of the budget so kind of scale down the budget,” said Krysta Albert, Festival of Eugene producer.

Even with the scaled back version, the fest is still $3500 short.