EUGENE, Ore. — A Eugene man is warning others after he took a call from an IRS scam artist.8-20 IRS SCAM PIC

Alex Aanderud says he got a call Wednesday from someone claiming to be from the Department of Legal Affairs with the Internal Revenue Service.

He says they claimed they were going to take legal action against him because his CP503, a tax account was overdue.

He says the caller claimed they’d passed the point of taking money and they’d be issuing a warrant for his arrest.
Aanderud wasn’t convinced.

He pressed the caller further, asking more detailed questions.

He says he was then transferred to a man named Chris Harris.

Through internet searches, he found the name was of an actual IRS agent in Washington.

But Aanderud says they never directly asked for money.

“We’re not able to take money from you, we’re not able to take money from you. We’re just calling to let you know that this is your final chance that you’ve got an arrest warrant coming up. And what they were looking for was an individual to say, which is what I said is ‘what would it take for me not to have this arrest warrant,” said Aanderud.

Aanderud says the caller posing as Chris Harris told him they normally can’t do anything but he could drop off cash at a local Albertons.

He says he just wants to make sure the community is aware of this scam.

Eugene Police say there’s been hundreds of IRS scams during this tax season.

They say to remember the government will never call you over the phone asking for money.

You’ll normally get a formal notice in the mail or someone in person at your door.