Police Crack Down on DUIIs

Drunk DrivingMEDFORD, Ore — Medford Police are urging people to think twice before they get behind the wheel this Labor Day weekend.  This is because officers are cracking down on people driving under the influence.

On Friday night, Medford Police arrested seven people for DUIIs.  On Saturday night, the same amount of officers are hitting the streets again.

“Typically on a holiday weekend you are going to see a bigger crowd at the downtown bar scene, and I think that’s because there is just not the fear of having to work Monday morning,” said Sgt. Kirkpatrick with Medford Police.

Sgt. Kirkpatrick said when looking for people driving drunk, officers typically look for people driving poorly.  Those who fail to maintain a single lane of traffic, are driving too slow or too fast, or blow past a traffic light or stop sign, often send up a red flag.

He said the best way to stay safe while enjoying holiday festivities is to plan ahead of time.  If you know you are going to be drinking, have a designated driver in place or call a cab.

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