Bike and Trailer Stolen from Dad

9-17 BIKE STOLEN PICEUGENE, Ore. — A man is hoping to get his 9-month-old daughter’s toys back after thieves stole his bike and child trailer.

Steven Mara says he put up a sign outside his apartment complex showing thieves what they stole didn’t just have monetary value. They were toys that meant something to his daughter Indika.

Mara says he’s a single dad and struggles to get by on a fixed income to support his daughter. The bike and trailer were their only mode of transportation.

“I just want them to know that you know you hurt somebody who’s completely innocent. She had nothing to do with whatever your problem was,” Mara said.

Luckily, through some help from Walmart, Mara was able to buy another bike and trailer on major discount. But the toys Indika was attached to are gone.

Mara says theft is a problem in the area. Eugene Police say there aren’t many robbery calls, but there are a lot of calls in general in that area.

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