PHOTOS: Ducks vs Michigan State Football

Photo-Dave Peaks

Shooting photos at the Oregon-Michigan State football game was a highlight moment. This game was so hyped and had so much riding on it; it was exciting being on the field shooting the action. Having Game Day in Eugene was a great start to the day. I arrived at the stadium 2-1/2 hours early and had trouble finding a parking spot. Clearly this was a special game.

The temperature on the field was warm but you don’t really notice, there is too much going on. I heard later that temps had reached 111 degrees on the Oregon sideline. We had to carry water with us at all times. The U of O kept the media supplied.

The pregame warm ups are a highlight of shooting a game, it gives me a chance to see many of the players up close and personal. Some of the new recruits were on the sidelines; how could they not be impressed with the Autzen stadium experience. The fans are awesome. Hopefully, the program gets commitments from these elite athletes.

It’s hard to assess the game while looking through a lens so I watch the replay at home. It’s hard to tell how far a runner gets up the field or low long a reception was. The only info available is on the jumbotron screen.

Shooting sports is still relatively new for me and I learn something new every week. The field of view is narrow through a 400mm lens and once in a while I lose track where the action is going. I’m working to perfect looking over the viewfinder to see where a pass is headed or who has the ball after the snap. I’m starting to get to know some of the photographers and I also learn from looking at their work. I’ve posted quite a number of photos from this game. Let me know if you’ve got a favorite.

I am anxiously awaiting next Saturday’s game against Wyoming. It may be another hot one so I hope there’s plenty of water on hand…and lots of action.

I am a photographer that loves to shoot action. I have been a wildlife photographer for many years and recently decided to become a sports photographer. I love sports and to be able to capture the height of the action and the expressions on the players faces. It's a work in progress. I hope to shoot many sporting events in the years to come.

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