One Dollar Check EquipmentCRESWELL, Ore. — The show goes on for a local band that lost their music equipment in an apartment fire early Saturday.

“It almost brings tears to my eyes thinking about it,” said lead singer Gared Sanne, One Dollar Chack.

But it’s a song local band One Dollar Check is clinging to in a time of hardship.

“I was just in shock really. I didn’t know what to expect or how bad the fire was,” said drummer Charles Gallegos, One Dollar Check.

Flames and smoke filled up this building on South Mill Street, destroying a barber shop, four apartments, and the group’s band room.

“Oh, man. When I first went in, there was a puddle of water on the ground, cords everywhere. It’s looking a lot better now than when we first started cleaning up,” Sanne said.

Also lost in the fire were most of the band’s music equipment, totaling thousands of dollars.

Although they’ve tried to save what they could, it’s not guaranteed the equipment will work..

“I haven’t plugged it in yet. Waiting for everything to dry out,” said lead guitarist Aaron Pierce, One Dollar Check.

“We won’t know for another if they’ve dried out and if they’ll even work,” Sanne said.

But what they do know for sure is those around them are backing them up.

“When we got here and the building was all burnt up, everything that was sitting out in front of the building was music equipment. Nobody in this building went and grabbed their own personal stuff. They came and grabbed our gear,” Sanne said.

“I felt so blessed because it wasn’t their stuff. It’s hard to talk about,” Pierce said.

As they cling to a song they wrote that doesn’t fit how they feel right now; it pairs perfectly with where they’re headed.

“This is my dream. There’s nothing more that I want then to play with these guys,” Gallegos said.

“It put a whole new fire inside of me. The next show I play, there’s going to be a whole new person standing on that stage,” Sanne said.

One Dollar Check’s next show is on November 8, at Luckey’s in Eugene. They have a Go Fund Me account set up to raise money for new equipment, but say whether they reach their $6,000 goal or not, the show is on.