OMBEUGENE, Ore. – Ducks fans can expect a new sound at Autzen Stadium when Oregon takes on Arizona Thursday night. The Oregon Marching Band is debuting new instruments.

In the last two weeks the Oregon Marching Band has put in 90 hours of rehearsal getting ready for game day.

“It was a huge hype for everybody. We were super excited,” said Cymbal technician Elisa Evans.

“You can definitely tell the old drum line versus the new drum line. It’s a revamped, great sound,” said senior and quad player Nathaniel Potter.

Two years ago, the Oregon Marching Band sported new uniforms. Last year new sousaphones. This year, a brand new drumline to the tune of $32,000 paid for by annual funding along with generous donations.

“We know it’s going to come about 6 years or so because that’s how long we can expect the drums to last because after all, you hit them with sticks the whole time,” said Dr. Eric Wiltshire, Oregon Marching Band Director.

New drums. New cases. New ergonomically designed harnesses.

“It’s a great new sound. The snares have a crisper attack, a little bit more stereo. The quads sound much more resonant. The bass drums are super boomy,” Potter said.

The big reveal comes Thursday. Ducks fans can expect the Oregon Marching Band to take field for a pregame game show. They’ll also be back for the half time show, showcasing Huey Lewis.

“We are show casing the new drums. We are show casing the new drum line. We are show casing our new music. It’s a huge sha-bang,” Evans said.

One of the loudest stadiums, about to get even louder.