Sheldon Girls Water Polo vs. Cottage Grove

Photo - Dave Peaks

This was my first attempt to photograph a water polo game.  I found the game inetesting to watch and to photograph.  Like any other sport, it helps to understand the basics of the sport. I’m sure I missed a few shots during the match.

I had a better feel for the action towards the end of the game.  I may also try a different lens the next match I shoot.  The games are relatively short – 4 – 6:00 minute quarters.  It may take a few matches to understand the fouls and what amount of contact is allowed.

All-in-all, I enjoyed shooting the match and look forward to the next opportunity to shoot another match.  I did stay and shoot photos of the boys match against Willamette High.  That post will follow.

I am a photographer that loves to shoot action. I have been a wildlife photographer for many years and recently decided to become a sports photographer. I love sports and to be able to capture the height of the action and the expressions on the players faces. It's a work in progress. I hope to shoot many sporting events in the years to come.

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