Australia Post Moves Into Oregon


24 million Australians have just received a brand new mailing address, in Oregon.

Australians, have been plagued with service delivery on products from the United States. Goods and services available in the United States, and marked for delivery to an Australian address, have been the subject of “double dipping” for many years. The use of an Australian address has sent manufacturers price commodities higher, and then charge an exorbitant amount for postage.

AusPost logo
Australia Post, Australia’s national mail carrier.

To give an example, for Christmas 2013, I purchased two 4 foot teddy bears for my children. Shipping to my United States address – $16.95. Cost of shipping to my Australian address – $295. Same product, same supplier, two different prices for shipping. And the price for shipping to Australia by FedEx or UPS, is even more.

Australia Post, the national carrier, has announced that they have set up a Portland warehouse, to have their products shipped to an “American” address, which are then forwarded to their Australian address.

Teddy Bear
A foot 4 Teddy bear costs $295 to ship to Australia.

The service also means that Australians won’t have to wait for products released in America, that haven’t yet made it “down under.”  Nor will they have to comply with the “shipping not available to Australia” clause, often associated with electronic media and books.

The new program, called ShopMate, charges a base rate of $24.95, with a weight rate of $5.95 per 500 grams.

This year, one of my daughters will be getting last years teddy bear, via an Oregon address, for a fraction of shipping costs.

Australian born author Grant Madden, achieved National and State Sailing honors while still in high school, before going on to win a record 7 State Titles. In 2005 he immigrated to the United States. He has been published in a number of international magazines, and within the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. He writes exclusively for the Eugene Daily News in Oregon.

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