Bowen Found Guilty of Murder

David BowenEUGENE, Ore. — The jury has reached a decision in the case of David Bowen, the Cottage Grove man accused of killing his ex-girlfriend.

The jury found Bowen guilty on all counts, including tampering with evidence, abuse of a corpse and whether Bowen intended to murder his then girlfriend Tammy Borda.

Both the prosecution and defense each spent about an hour arguing their case.

Prosecutor Joann Miller says Bowen used the two weeks hiding what happened to come up with his defense. She says he tried to manipulate the jurors’ feelings with his indirect answers on the stand. She says he made a conscious choice to move the body.

“Would you move a body if you were defending yourself? Wouldn’t you want to preserve that evidence. Why in the world would you want to move that body, wrap it up in a tarp and drag it into the woods? You wouldn’t. That’s absurd,” Miller said.

Defense Attorney Marc Friedman says he couldn’t argue that Bowen hadn’t tampered with evidence or he didn’t abuse Borda’s corpse. He says those things did happen and they were poor decisions, but not the evidence the state needed to present or the jurors to take into account to determine the murder charge.

“This conduct is and was independent of any homicide…David Bowen is responsible for her death, not her murder,” Friedman said.

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