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Professional Cuddling Business in Portland Draws Attention

The human touch can be a powerful thing.  Whether it’s simply holding hands, a big bear hug, a high-five, a shoulder to cry on or something a little more intimate, that physical connection with another human being is something we all crave.

Samantha Hess recognized that value by starting her own business which focuses on the act of cuddling.  No really, she did and she’s been flooded with attention over it.

“I’ve gotten as many as 10,000 emails in a week,” said Hess.

Called Cuddle Up To Me, the business opened in 2013 on East Burnside in Portland.  Hess’ goal: provide people with a personal touch without it getting weird.

“I was at a place where I thought paying someone to hug me and not have ulterior motives sounded like a great idea- and I decided why can’t this be a thing that we can easily and safely reach out for?” said Hess.

Samantha Hess-KPTV
Samantha Hess has been getting a lot of attention for unconventional business. |(KPTV)

A one-hour session costs $60 and each one varies based on the client’s needs.

“We can customize each session depending on your comfort level,” said Hess.  “I have some people who will come in, and we won’t touch at all.  We’ll just sit and read together.”

But what about the risk of funny business?  Hess is fully prepared if things start to get weird.

Her cuddling studio offers four-themed rooms with cameras for her employees and her client’s safety.  Before even beginning a session, Hess meets with potential clients to get a sense of who they are and what they’re looking for.  They also sign a waiver agreeing to no inappropriate behavior.

The business has grown so much that Hess has now hired three women to help her.  They are undergoing training to learn the art of platonic touching and Hess is also creating a cuddling certification program for others who want to start a similar business.

Of course there are many who view such a business as ridiculous and perhaps illegal but Hess insists there’s nothing scandalous about it.

“People always think that there are upgrades or, you know, additional services that we provide, and that’s just not true.  It’s a very simple service; it’s the same for a man or a woman.  We are a family oriented service.  We’re not adult-oriented in any way.  We just make people feel loved and accepted for who they are.”

Certainly a unique business model.  You have to admire her for thinking outside the box on this one.

Netflix Instant Pick: Planes, Trains & Automobiles

There are a million Christmas movies. Between It’s a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story and Elf, you can find a number of great Christmas movies to watch during the holidays. But what about Thanksgiving? The “other” turkey holiday is a little disrespected when it comes to movies but in my household, there’s one film we watch every Thanksgiving and it’s a comedy classic.

John Hughes was the king of the ’80s.  Between Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, Weird Science, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Pretty in Pink and Some Kind of Wonderful, Hughes specialized in adolescent angst as a writer and director.  But through all those teen tales, he still found time to make a film about two adults trying to get home for the holidays.

Steve Martin stars as Neal Page, an advertising executive stuck in New York but eager to get back to his wife and three young children in Chicago for Thanksgiving.  When his flight is cancelled due to bad weather, he’s forced to try other means of transportation.  Along the way, he un-serendipitously runs into shower curtain ring salesman and blabbermouth Del Griffith played by the late great John Candy.

Steve Martin and John Candy star in the comedy classic. | (drafthouse.com)

Road trip movies are always fun because they always involve at least two people with vastly different personalities.  That dynamic creates all kinds of drama and hilarity and Planes, Trains & Automobiles sort of became the blueprint for future related comedies like Tommy Boy, Road Trip and Due Date.

But what separates PT&A apart is that there is that signature John Hughes heart beneath the jokes.  Page can’t stand Griffith for half of the film and eventually the two of them engage in a mean-spirited argument which grounds the film and provides the foundation for the heart-warming payoff in the third act.

But make no mistake, PT&A is hilarious and endlessly quotable.  Among the highlights are an accidental morning spooning session (“Those aren’t pillows!”), a rental car being set on fire and Page engaging in perhaps the greatest blowup scene in film history.  Seriously, Steve Martin drops 18 glorious f-bombs on a lady after they lose his rental car.  That two-minute scene is the only reason the movie is rated R.  God I love the ’80s!

This film was the culmination of Hughes, Martin and Candy all at the prime of their careers.  It succeeds as a comedy, road trip movie, drama and holiday classic.  It’s a film that defines the ’80s and must be seen.

Gabriel Harris Arrested for Fighting Cops in Taco Bell Drive-Thru

Normally when I write about stupid criminals (At which 90 percent of them reside in Florida) I make fun of them.  But in this case, I think I’m sighting with the accused.

Gabriel Harris, 33, was arrested early Sunday morning after allegedly getting into a fight with police at a Taco Bell in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

Harris and a friend had arrived at the drive-thru on their bicycles to order food as the restaurant was closing.  When they were denied because they were on bikes, Harris and his companion refused to leave prompting employees at the fast food place to call 911.

Police arrived and asked the two to leave.  When one of the officers spotted a red Swiss Army Knife on Harris’ belt loop he reached for it.  Harris then grabbed the officer’s wrist which led to a tussle and then Harris in handcuffs.  Harris was charged with resisting arrest with violence.

Harris is obviously an idiot for grabbing the officer, but the fact that it got to that point is kind of ridiculous.  First, why can’t he order from the drive-thru on a bike?  While it’s a little strange, if he has the money, just complete the order and be done with it.  It sounds like the workers were maybe a little annoyed by a late customer as they were closing so they decided to make an example out of him.

Second, why would the officer reach for the knife?  While I wasn’t there to see how aggressive Harris was, grabbing the knife seems like it would only escalate the situation further which it ultimately did.

Should Harris have left?  Yes.  Should he have not gotten into it with police officers? Obviously.  Never do that by the way.  It only ends bad.  But this whole situation could have been avoided.

That being said.  If not for his arrest, we wouldn’t have been given this glorious mug shot.



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