CFP Championship Game – Oregon / Ohio State

Photo-Dave Peaks/EDN

My final photo essay for this football season.

It was my honor to be at the inaugural CFP Championship Game in AT&T stadium.  It has been a thrill to be on the sidelines for every game Oregon played this year except the Colorado game when I was sick.  What an experience it has been to cover a Heisman winner and to watch him play at such a high level.  There were so many stars on this years team and they have set the bar high for teams coming behind them.  This football season fulfills one of my bucket list line items.  I thank Kelly Asay for giving me this opportunity.  I hope people have enjoyed some of the photos I’ve posted in my photo essays.  I will go into the off-season and work at getting better.

My experience at the National Football Playoff game at AT&T Stadium…  This stadium is amazing.  Everything about it is grand.  I’ve done my camera setting checks on the field and systems appear to be go.  Only 4 hours to game time.  The bus ride to the stadium was pretty neat – a 4 car police escort.  Check in at the stadium included having all of our bags on the ground in front of us while a dog niffed every bag.  Then our bags were searched and we were all wanded. Once inside, we are pretty much left to go where ever we are permitted.  Grabbed a bite to eat in the media area and headed to the field.  I’m amazed every time I walk onto the field.  There are so many media people of all sorts at the game.  It’s very busy on the sidelines.  Neat to be part of the crowd.  It’s very difficult to get shots that don’t include people of some sorts.  ESPN has a large contingency of photographers, TV, and video shooters.

Shooting during the game was fun.  The end zones were for kneeling only and space was usually at a premium.  I normally will be found at the end of the field where Oregon will score.  Unfortunately, there weren’t many opportunities to get action shots except for Ohio State when they started a drive.  I will not attempt to critique the game but I will say it became eveident early on that Oregon was struggling to get momentum going.  I wish Arik and Marcus all the success in the NFL.  I hope their dreams come true.  They have given us so much throughout the season.  Mahalo.

I am a photographer that loves to shoot action. I have been a wildlife photographer for many years and recently decided to become a sports photographer. I love sports and to be able to capture the height of the action and the expressions on the players faces. It's a work in progress. I hope to shoot many sporting events in the years to come.

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