For former Oregon Ducks Running LeGarrette Blount it has been another successful season in the National Football League. Several weeks ago he walked out on the Pittsburgh Steelers who cut him. He then turned and signed with the New England Patriots who put him to work. He not only helped the team to maneuver through the remainder of the regular season, but also to the Playoffs and now to the Super Bowl.

Blount helped to torch the Indianapolis Defense to the tune of over one-hundred eighty yards and three touchdowns in a blowout win on Sunday evening in Foxboro. Now, Blount and his teammates will face Seattle in the Super Bowl in a few weeks time. In looking at the Statistics both the Seahawks and Patriots at one/two in the Rushing category. Unlike New England the ride on Sunday did not go as smooth for the Seattle Seahawks who were given the task of playing from behind for pretty much the entire game.

Quarterback Russell Wilson did not have a solid start throwing three interceptions and giving the Packers the ball which they only found a way to get field goals over touchdowns. Green Bay took a 16-0 lead into halftime, but Wilson was able to bring back Seattle with only minutes remaining in the game. A key two point conversion and an onside kick that fell the Seahawks way set up quite the Super Bowl fro 2015.

It will likely be Wilson’s passing against the New England Rushing attack.

Following the game in New England came word that the Patriots were under inflating footballs for their benefit. It was found that nine of the ten footballs used in the game were in fact under-inflated. The repercussions of this possible issue have yet to be determined. It is not known if any action s will be taken against the home team. If it was an issue the NFL will be sure they hire a ball checker for the Super Bowl so it will not be an issue in a few weeks.

Super Bowl XLIX will kickoff on Sunday, February 1st from University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. (3:30pm PT, NBC)