1-31 smoke detectorsSPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Volunteers were in Springfield Saturday to educate community members about fire safety and prevention.

The Red Cross says house fires cause more casualties than any other type of disaster, so Saturday more than 100 volunteers walked door to door to educate community members about the importance of smoke detectors.

These volunteers introduced the neighborhood to home fire escape plans, and if they didn’t have working smoke detectors, volunteers installed free detectors.

One community members says he didn’t know his smoke detector wasn’t working until volunteers stopped by.

“No, just because they came over and I thought well why not,” said Jerick Enez.

“It’s actually home fires that cause the greatest number of fatalities, more than any other disaster. So we’re really specifically targeting this area and we’re going around with canvassing teams and installation teams to educatie them on making a home fire safety plan,” said Henry Soderberg, Red Cross Operations Lead.

The Red Cross says it picked to canvas the neighborhood near Springfield High School because there have been a lot of house fires in that neighborhood in recent years.