Battle For The Top: March Madness 2015


For basketball fans, the Final Four Tournament is the highlight of the season.  Lovers of Basketball consider the March Madness to be the most compelling, and greatest sporting event on earth.

If you are a more casual fan, here’s a little breakdown on how this works:

  • The Final Four is a single elimination, division specific tournament.
  • 68 teams out of more than 340 are invited for the tournament each year (yes invited)
  • Each Tournament is divided by region with at least 16 teams in a region
  • A Selection Committee seeds the whole field of teams
  • The Tournament as several rounds
    • The First Four
    • The First Round (also known as “the Round of 64”)
    • The Second Round (also known as “the Round of 32”)
    • The Regional Semi-finals (participating teams are known popularly as the “Sweet Sixteen”)
    • The Regional Finals (participating teams are known commonly as the “Elite Eight”)
    • The National Semi-finals (participating teams are referred to officially as the “Final Four”)
    • The National Championship
  • UCLA has won 11 titles
  • Oregon has a single win in 1939

As of this writing, nobody is officially in the tourney: selection takes place on “Selection Sunday” – March 15th.  However there are some clear contenders, and yes, Oregon is one of them albeit on the bubble.  Ducks Senior Guard Joseph Young recently shared his confidence about being in the Madness:

“We’re going to the (NCAA) tournament. I just want to get that out right now, We’re going to the tournament. We’ve just got to take one game at a time, and we will be at the tournament.”

Pete Martini at The Statesman Journal seems to agree with Young.

“A win Sunday (22nd) gives the Ducks 20 victories for the season. A win gives them a big name in the “Who did they beat?” category come Selection Sunday. And a win keeps them alone in third place heading into the final three games of the regular season.  If the Ducks finish the regular season in the top four in the conference, then they will earn an automatic berth into the Pac-12 Tournament quarterfinals.”

Even NIKE has unveiled new Oregon Madness uniforms.

image uoducks-instagram

CBS Sports has Oregon “On The Bubble” coming in against Miami in the first round.


While our money is on Justin Phillips analysis that perception is everything, oftentimes the book betting crowd does a better job than any of the pundits when it comes to calculating who lands where in the Final Four.  We follow  While online betting is illegal in Oregon, in never hurts to get a little expert help for the office pool….

EDN Final Four Picks:

  1. Kentucky takes it all.
  2. Duke
  3. UCLA
  4. Wisconsin or Stanford

With the Ducks still on recovery from last years tremendous turmoil, this sports fan will be happy if they just beat Utah on Sunday.  One day at a time, right James?

Kelly Asay is an entrepreneur, software developer and performing musician. As the publisher of Eugene Daily News, Asay is continually searching, finding and promoting the best unknown journalists, photographers and inspirational people from all over Lane County.

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