EUGENE, Ore. — Hundreds came out Tuesday night for a marijuana listening session with the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) in Eugene.2-3 OLCC meeting

The OLCC is meeting statewide with communities to get input on implementation of recreational marijuana when Measure 91 goes into effect this summer.

The community certainly had strong opinions about how that law will carry out here in Oregon.

More than 400 people turned out for the OLCC marijuana listening session.

The crowd listened to a presentation on the current development of policies and regulations and then it was question time.

Folks held three colored papers, depending on the question, they’d raise green if they agreed, yellow if they were unsure about a statement or red is they disagreed.

A major question was should there be limits on the size of commercial marijuana grow operations?

“I think there’s still maybe some mixed opinion on you know if it is local growers, if there should be a limit or not on the size of operations,” said Sarah Matsumoto, Eugene resident.

They went from questions about outside commercial growth, versus local growers to questions about potency, pesticides and mold.

Others who turned out for the meeting, who have a hand in the testing field, had a different view than that room filled with green.

“Potency isn’t percent THC, and by pretending that it is you create a massive liability for the state of Oregon because it would be like trying to evaluate alcohol by the color of the drink,” said Troy Morris, Lead Investigator,MX Biotech.

Morris says MX Biotech is a company which tests the efficiency of marijuana.

He says it’s important for OLCC to understand how marijuana works before jumping into making policy decisions.

As of July 1st possession and home growing will be legal for those 21 years and older.

OLCC plans to come up with formal rules after input from around the state next year.