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Animal on Drums
And its "Animal" on drums! | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Hello everyone: BJ here, welcome to this weekends 3 W’s.

This weeks musician is another member of the local band Code Red: Lets meet Maynard Hull.

Maynard Hull
Maynard Hull playing drums with Code Red | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

When he was 10 years old Maynard was singing in a bar his dad owned, he was so intrigued by the drummer in the band that he decided he was going to be one.

Maynard Hull | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Since then in  43 years of playing, completely self taught, Maynard has played in 32 bands, from Country to Jazz & blues and Rock and Roll. Crystal Rhythm, Rumurs, Bad influence Wasteland Blues band, Joint Session and Spence Brothers just to name a few. With his biggest influences being John Bonham, Ginger Baker, Nick Mason and Neil Peart.

I asked Maynard about his thoughts on the other local bands and which if any he would like to sit in with for a few songs? His answer was: “There is a lot of really great local talent here in the Eugene/Springfield area and I would be honored to play with any of them.”

Playing drums has given him self confidence and a way to express himself, he loves to play Rock,blues and Jazz and his favorite song is whatever he is playing at any moment.

Animal on Drums
And its “Animal” on drums! | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

If you have ever been to or plan on going to a Code Red show anytime soon you will or have probably noticed that Maynards drums have little extra something “Animal” from the muppets sits in at every show. I asked Maynard the story behind “Animal” This is what he told me. ” I have always loved the muppet show and believe it or not when it first aired i had really long, curly blond hair and everyone around me said i looked like him. So when i went on the road with my first band in 1983 called “Whats Cookin'”  i went on a quest to find a copy of Animal. It took me 10 years to finally find him and now he is at every show.

Maynard adds that playing drums is a great people watching sport. :)

Thanks Maynard for taking the time to chat with me, see you soon!

Now lets take a look at Where when and whats happening this weekend.

  • Bugsys: Fri. Its Rock~n~country with Most Wanted
  • Cozmic: On Sat. its Jazz, folk, and pop with Soul Vibrator
  • Embers: Fri and Sat. Coupe de Ville
  • Happy Hours: Sat. Christie and McCallum
  • Wharehouse 101 at the Mill casino: Fri. and Sat. M80’s
  • Riverstop in Walterville:  its Blues, Soul and Rock-n-Roll with Heavy Chevy
  • The Cooler: Fri. its local reggae group One Dollar Check
  • The Mohawk: Fri and Sat. its The Koz
Koz Band
The Koz| phoyo by Billie-Jo Miller


The Koz
The Koz | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Remember to set your clocks ahead Sat. night. (or Sunday morning which ever you prefer) Spring is coming!!

Spring is coming! | photo by Billie-Jo Miller

Well thats it for this weekends report, have fun and remember don’t drink and drive.

Tiny Dancer
Tiny Dancer | image by Billie-Jo Miller


Billie-Jo Miller is an Oregon mother of 4, grandmother of 9, and an award winning photographer. "I can never remember a time that i didn't have a camera in my hand and when my daughter started to call me 'paparazzi' I realized I needed to do something with my love of photography."
Billie-Jo is a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography and has done extensive freelance work and has spent time as a photojournalist for several newspapers. Billie-Jo is now an EDN Columnist and an in-demand live events photographer.

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