County Health Rankings Released

EUGENE, Ore.– New health rankings are out! Researchers at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Wisconsin Population their annual nationwide, county by county study that gives an overall look at the community’s well being.

Among out neighboring counties, Lane County was the only county to move up in the rankings. It came in 16th place from 18th place last year, but Lane County Public Health says it’s too early to celebrate. When it comes to factors contributing to our health, like the rate of adult smoking, obesity and physical inactivity, the county came in lower than the state average. Public Health is working to improve areas of concern, and folks over at International Fitness in Eugene are encouraging everyone to be active.

“Fifteen minutes of physical activity a day, staying active, keeping the body active, using the muscles, will be good and beneficial so that’s something that I try to commit to,” said Robert Perez, General Manager at International Fitness.

Fitness Manager Jordan Lindsay adds, “I ride my bike to work a little bit more than I have in the past to give me just that extra 10 to 15 minutes of activity.”

Benton County slipped to third place from first place last year. Coos County slipped to 29th place and Douglas County ranked 32nd out of 33 counties.

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