EUGENE, Ore. — A Eugene woman listened to her intuition and sniffed out a scam artist who was impersonating a Eugene Police lieutenant.3-27 EPD SCAM

That scammer told the woman she won thousands of dollars but had to pay, before she could get the cash.

Eugene Police say the 73-year-old woman did the right thing, verifying the information she was given.

Police say she got the call Monday from someone posing as “Agent Mike Stone from the Publisher’s Clearing House.”

The agent claimed she’d been selected to receive $600,000. But she’d need to validate her prize with police.

She later got a call from a City of Eugene number.

The man on the other end of the phone claimed he was Lt. Doug Mozan and asked her to send money to verify her information.

She knew it was a red flag.

“Law enforcement are not an agent of the Publisher’s Clearing House and we don’t do anything to try to verify the validity of these sorts of things. That’s not a service we provide,” said Lt. Doug Mozan.

Lt. Mozan says he was shocked to find out he was the person scam artists were impersonating.

He found out about the phone call, when it came up in conversation.

If you want tips on avoiding scams, there’s a free event happening at the Hult Center on April 27th, called Scam Jam.