Group Protests Pipeline Project

EUGENE, Ore. — A group of concerned citizens in Eugene is fighting a Canadian gas pipeline that could be installed through Oregon.3-4 pipeline protest

About 40 community members gathered in the West University Neighborhood Wednesday night frustrated over what a pipeline could mean for Oregon.

A number of the homes participating in raising awareness were covered in signs with the word “condemned” as well as a 300 foot makeshift pipeline covering a number of front yards.

Right now a Canadian gas company is looking to install the Pacific Connector Pipeline which would bisect Oregon between Malin to Coos Bay.

The group is concerned the pipeline will hurt the climate.

“There’s the issue of fracking in our country which is poisoning aquifers and wells. Then there’s the issue of pumping it hundreds of miles through private property that’s being seized through the use of eminent domain which our government officials are allowing,” said Mary DeMocker, Eugene resident.

DeMocker says that’s why several homes have the word condemned on them to prove the point they’d be taken over if landowners refuse the pipeline.

The group is hoping their message gets to Governor Kate Brown to hopefully save Oregon from a massive pipeline.

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