in-n-outMEDFORD, Ore. —  The new In-N-Out location is supposed to be built on the same block as one of Medford’s busiest intersections where Highway 99 meets Highway 62.

With all the hype of In-N-Out, people are expecting the number of cars and people to pick up even more.

For other business owners in the area, like Vin Mehta who works at Jack in the Box right down the street, said more businesses in the area means more economic development. Mehta says that is always a positive thing.

In-N-Out will be the first location of the franchise in Oregon, and Jack in the Box owners say the scenario is fitting for the area. The Jack in the Box location at the corner of Highway 99 and Table Rock Road was the first store of that franchise in the state of Oregon also, built in 1989.

Owners say it has been a successful location for the last 25 years, and it has a lot to do with this spot.

“I see a lot of things are happening, and it’s good for our economy and welcome to everybody,” said Vin Mehta, the Jack in the Box franchise owner.

Owners say they are a bit concerned with some of the logistics of traffic and number of people in the area, but with with previous expansions of intersections, they are confident things will work out.

Jack and the Box owners are also starting to size up the competition In-N-Out will bring. They said they may effect them when In-N-Out first opens, but also say their products are strong enough to stand up to the healthy competition.

“We have a big menu with a lot of items. We cook to order and are open 24 hours,” said Mehta.