Springfield Illuminates with LED Lights

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — A crowd gathered in downtown Springfield Friday night for a celebration of light as Springfield turned on dozens of new LED downtown lights.

The crowd cheered as the glow of the lights illuminated a downtown that needed some work.

“For me being you know a single person, not feeling great walking down the streets to now five years later being in the same space and kind of wanting to hang out here all the time,” said Leda Hermecz, Springfield resident.

35 LED lights line the streets of downtown Springfield.

It’s a project that’s been in the works for years.

The city bought used fixtures off of Craigslist, lights all connected to a wireless network it can control through the touch of a screen.

The city says it’s a more advanced system than most cities have because you can dim the lights, and the system alerts you when the lights are close to going out.

“Dimming is really important because lights over time will diminish how much light they put out so we have to design for that end of life amount of light,” said Brian Barnett, traffic engineer.

It’s a more cost effective strategy for a brighter downtown and a game changer for local businesses.

“The first night that they had them on and I was down here after dark I thought I left my lights on in my shop and it was like because I leave some of my lights on, but it was just, it was amazing,” said Karen Hageman, Haven owner.

The community says the lights make the city safer, and more inviting for folks to shop the downtown area.

“There wasn’t anything for me to go from one place to the next. Wasn’t anything drawing me to do that. And I think the lights and the new businesses and the new restaurants, they’re doing that, they’re creating that atmosphere,” said Marilee Woodrow, Springfield City Councilor.

“They have like a timeless look to them. They’re classic. Downtown Springfield is really doing great,” said Lisa-Marie DiVincent, Eugene resident.

The city says it bought the lights at a discounted price, only $85 each and these projects are engineered to last 50 years.

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