Tire Slashing Victims Speak Out

0327151004OAKRIDGE, Ore. — Growing concerns from residents in Oakridge after more than two dozens tires were slashed.

Oakridge residents are voicing frustration about the vandalism, saying they’re not sure why this is happening or who is behind it.

Police posted on its Facebook saying they’ve received numerous calls about the slashed tires and several residents shared the information.

Victims of the crime say with the lack of jobs and financial stability in town, these crimes hit people hard. With no tire service shop in town, they have to rely on each other for help.

“It’s really too bad that we have people who are down and out and they’re wasting their energy and time doing things like that, when there’s so much beauty and lakes, rivers, and trails out here. There’s a lot better things they could be doing with their time,” said Matt Altemus, Oakridge resident and manager of Oregon Outdoors Sports.

One victim told me on the phone that she was hit as recently as Saturday night.

Police and victims say the majority of the crimes seem to have taken place in uptown.

This is an ongoing investigation and anyone with information is asked to call Oakridge police.

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