I had my first taste photographing a collegiate track and field event.  It was a positive experience.  I enjoy the atmoshere of being around athletes as they perform and being able to capture their effort.  There was plenty of action Saturday as Oregon took on Washington and Kentucky in a three way meet.  Oregon was victorious and showed good effort as they won numerous events.  Working a meet such as this is difficult at times because there are numerous events happening at the same time.  One must pick and choose what action to capture.  For me personally, I enjoyed shooting the field events.  The high jump, the long jump, the pole vault, and discus.  Too many events were going on and I missed the shot put.  Of the running events, I enjoyed capturing the runners clearing the hurdle in the steeplechase and running through the water.  I was able to grab a few photos of the hurdlers while at the long jump pit.  It just so happened it started raining right when the runners were in the blocks of the hurdles.  In a matter of seconds, it started hailing a bit.  Luckily the rain only lasted 5 or 10 minutes and then there was blus sky for a while before the next rain.  Shooting track and field requires a photographer to run from here to there to catch the various events.  And there are designated areas where photographers can shoot each event from.  It takes a bit of prior planning to coordinate your time while the action is going on.  I enjoyed the day and I was bushed when it was all over.  I look forward to more opportunities.