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Thoughts on ‘A Deadly Adoption’

A few months ago I wrote about a mysterious Lifetime movie Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig were supposedly making. The initial report at the time was that they hadn’t made it and were going to cancel it after word spread of its existence.

At the time I wrote that them saying it hadn’t been made yet was to throw all of us off and as it turns out, I was right. They did make it! And after watching it… Honestly, I don’t know what to make of it.

Basically, they made a parody of a Lifetime movie by making a Lifetime movie? Ferrell and Wiig played it completely straight the entire time. They definitely get points for their commitment to excellence, but then again, why do it if you weren’t going to play for laughs? I was expecting a Casa De Mi Padre-type movie.

A Deadly Adoption-indiewire.com
Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell made a straight-up drama with ‘A Deadly Adoption.’ | (indiewire.com)

Ferrell and Wiig are arguably the funniest man and woman on the planet and I can see only two reasons for them playing it straight. One, Lifetime would only let them make it if they were going to be serious and two, Ferrell and Wiig decided to go against everyone’s expectations and do a full on Andy Kaufman.

In the end, it was an interesting experiment. Some people are calling it Sharknado for moms. As I was watching it I was checking Twitter to get a sense of what people thought. The public is certainly mixed, but I also got a lot of funny observations.

@AutumnChiklis wrote, “That backlit garage door slow-mo opening to dramatic music is pure movie magic.”

@priskaneely wrote, “#ADeadlyAdoption is a commentary on infrastructure. Poorly built docks ruins families and strong bridges save them.”

@lacretialyon wrote, “I’m totally rooting for Bridget/Joni because she hates Kristen Wiig for being an organic farmer.”

But my favorite tweet about the film comes from @insidethetube who wrote, “Slow clap for Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig. You did it guys. You did it, whatever this was.”

My one big disappointment from the film is that Ferrell didn’t bust out a can of Old Milwaukee at some point. I mean, his character was an alcoholic after all.


Keith Hernandez Says He Gets $3,000 in Royalties For ‘Seinfeld’

We all know Jerry Seinfeld made a gagillion dollars off of Seinfeld, but what about the bit players? What did Uncle Leo, Newman and the Soup Nazi make? We may never know, but Keith Hernandez’s recent comments might give us some idea.

The former National League MVP and New York Mets hero revealed to NJ.com what he makes off of the show despite the fact that the finally aired more than 15 years ago.

Keith Hernandez-guestofaguest.com
Keith Hernandez and his mustache are laughing all the way to the bank. | (guestofaguest.com)

“It gives me around $3,000 per year. I’ll take it. For doing nothing. So you can imagine what Jerry gets. The principal actors, what they get.”

It’s kind of ironic isn’t it? He gets paid to do nothing from a show famously about nothing and he got lucky because his particular character arc was a popular one.

“I’m going to say they show my episode a lot. So I’m going to say I get a check every month. Nothing less than six weeks. They show it all the time. It’s international and everything.”

He’s right about that. Somewhere right now Seinfeld is on. Guaranteed. That’s where the money is at people. Get on a popular sitcom that will someday go into syndication and you are set for life. That or create your own show and eventually have enough money to pay back Greece.

Between the Seinfeld royalties, those Just For Men ads and being a Mets announcer, I’d say Hernandez is doing just fine.


Amy Schumer Leaves Huge Tip for Student Waiter

Amy Schumer is the biggest comedian in the world right now. Her television show Inside Amy Schumer is at the peak of its success and she wrote and stars in the romantic comedy Trainwreck which was directed by Judd Apatow (He knows a little something about comedy) and will be released this summer.

Amy Schumer isn’t letting fame go to her head. | (nymag.com)

But she’s apparently not letting all of this success get to her head. After finishing a meal at Peter’s Clam Bar in Long Island, she left her server a $500 tip on a bill that was only $49. That must have been some service. Or, she just related to the struggling waiter and decided to help him out.

According to The New York Post, Schumer and her server, Ryan, shared an “engaging, animated conversation” where she learned he was a college student working two jobs to pay for school. Schumer herself waited tables and tended bar in New York City before making it big.

So what did Schumer order from Ryan that resulted in a more than 1,000 percent tip? How about a cup of soup and a couple of appetizers.


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