Wine Tasting Adventure: Montinore Estate


One might say that I have a slight obsession with wine tasting. I go as often as I can! Just recently I discovered the 2014 Montinore Estate Pinot Gris, and I made it one of my goals to check out what other varietals they have to offer. On a slightly overcast Tuesday I made my way up North to check out their tasting room in Forest Grove. Not only was this tasting room very easy to find (just of highway 47!), it was absolutely gorgeous. It was more than worth the drive just to see the rolling vineyards and stunning views.

I love it when I find a winery that makes some phenomenal wines, and also keeps them in my frugal price point. All of the varietals I tried at Montinore Estate were really good, and they had a quite a few right around the $20 range. They also practice biodynamics and organics in their vineyard, which I find fascinating. While they make many varietals, they really had something for everyone.

It might’ve been rainy, but it was truly a beautiful view!


The Borealis is a white blend made with 39% Gewurtztraminer, 37% Muller-Thurgau, 19% Riesling, and 5% Pinot Gris. It was a little on the sweet side, but had really nice balance. I got notes of nectarine and honey suckle throughout. This one is a great bargain at only $16. I can really see myself sipping this on a beautiful sunny day while grilling and soaking up some rays.


Another stand out was the 2014 Pinot Noir Rosé. It is no secret I love a good rosé, so I was excited to try this one. It was a bit on the dry side but had delicious flavors of grapefruit and red cherry. The color of this wine reminded me of ripe strawberries. The acid balance was perfect on this wine so it was fruit forward, but also refreshing. Another frugal find, this wine retails for $20. A fantastic deal!


When I find an Oregon Pinot Noir around $20 that’s as delicious as the 2013 Willamette Valley Pinot from Montinore Estate, I have to share it. This Pinot was light bodied with quiet tannins, and nice touches of oak. There were flavors of black cherry and it was very earthy. There was a hint of spice on the end as well. I loved every sip of this wine! This is an exceptional find that is a great value for how delicious it is.

Pinot Noir
I loved this Pinot Noir chocolate sauce! It was an excellent pairing with their Port

Oregon wines are so diverse. Montinore Estate produces a dynamic array of wines, and does it all with organically grown grapes! Check out their beautiful tasting room, or at least pick up a bottle of one of their fantastic wines to sip on. They truly have a wine for every occasion. Cheers!

(Special Thanks to Jim Fischer for the gorgeous cover photo!)

Wine lover and student. I love finding great wines at fantastic prices that are affordable for anyone and everyone. Both Oregon and Washington have some amazing options and I look forward to sharing them with everyone. Cheers!

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