Protect Your Pet During 4th of July

Protect your pet
Protect your pet from loud noises
Protect your pet
Protect your pet from loud noises

Before heading out to celebrate the national holiday, take a few mitigation measures to protect your pet this 4th of July.  On the 5th of July, Lane County animal shelters become inundated with lost and runaway animals. It is the single busiest intake day of the year for animal shelters across the nation.

Fireworks and the loud noises associated with the evening entertainment, are uncommon noises that may frighten your animal. The fear is not just limited to domestic dogs and cats, it includes birds, reptiles and livestock. Knowing your pet better than anyone else, there are some measures you can take before your 4th of July celebrations.

  • Order sedatives from you veterinarian if required.
  • Keep your pet inside the house.
  • Avoid the noise. During fireworks, close windows and turn up the television volume.
  • Remain calm. Your pet will response to your ease.

In Lane County, the Human Society runs two two shelters, one that services the cities of Eugene and Springfield at 3970 West 1st Avenue Eugene, and outside city precinct at the Greenhill Humane Society at 88530 Greenhill Road. Both shelters run a combined web page which allows you to view which animals are at each shelter.

Unfortunately, less than 2% of all cats and 20% of all dogs are ever reunited with their family once they leave.

Protect your pet
Protect Your Pet from 4th of July fireworks

There are a number of commercially available devices that you can use to assist with identification if your pet does leave home.

Through Pethub, a QR identification code is which attaches to your pet’s collar. Once located, the code can be scanned with a smartphone to provide the owners particulars. S step up involved GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) Tracking through Pettracker will allow you to locate your animal away from home.

The best available identification process is to microchip your animal, before they ever need to be found.

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