2015 Premature Playoff Predictions, Week 4

Hi. I’m Jeff. I do spreadsheets. Not for a living, or anything, but…well, I just do.


With 4 weeks left in the regular season, I’m back to make a stab at the following question:  So, where we playing in the playoffs?


Here’s what I did.


I used the website www.calpreps.com to semi-educatedly guess who’s going to win every game for the next 4 weeks, plug in all those results and see what my sheets spew out at the end. That having been said, there are probably some boo-boos I need to catch over the next 4 weeks, but I’ll do my best.


And now, for your entertainment purposes, I present a table. It’s what calpreps is thinking. (just 4A this week – we’ll include all classes next time)

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