A Medical Fundraising Website Helps Bring a Local Family Hope

EUGENE, Ore. — During the season of giving, many people look to help those who need it the most and one local family is in need of a little hope this year.

Michael Ediger has been living with diabetes for the past 41 years.

This year, his kidneys dropped past the point of no return.

As Michael waits for a transplant, he has to cope with the high cost of trying to stay alive.

Now a website is helping the Edigers seek the assistance they need.

HelpHOPELive is a fundraising website that has helped families like the Edigers cover uninsured medical expenses for the past 30 years.

Insurance will pay for most of Michael’s transplant, if and when he gets it, but help hope live will assist with raising money for Michael’s costs when he goes to Seattle for his transplant.

The money raised by the website will also help with co-payments, deductibles, anti-rejection medication and other out of pocket expenses.

HelpHOPELive said it’s currently working with over 2,000 transplant patients, 45 of which, including Michael, are here in Oregon.

Michael said, without fundraising money, additional medical expenses would put his family in a bind.

“Well, it could mean losing everything I’ve worked for, for the past 30 years otherwise. We’d have to sell our home, everything we own and start over again,” said Michael Ediger.

He said he’s grateful for HelpHOPELive, for giving him just that.

“In a perfect world, we raise enough to cover our expenses during the time I’m in Seattle, and that it be a success.”

Unlike other fundraising websites, HelpHOPELive makes sure the money is being used as intended.

A medical professional signs off on what the client needs to verify the investment.

So far the Edigers have raised a little over $2,000, but they have a long way to go to reach their goal of $75,000.

For more information on how you can give to Michael’s campaign, or for more information on HelpHOPELive, click here.

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