Corvallis Makes Switch to Cleaner, Renewable Fuel

CORVALLIS, Ore — The City of Corvallis is making the switch to cleaner, renewable fuel.
About 40 city vehicles, including buses, will switch over to renewable diesel this summer –that’s about one third of the city’s vehicle pool.
Renewable diesel burns cleaner and offers more power and better mileage while reducing the fleet’s carbon footprint. It will cost about 12 cents more per gallon.
The vehicles are currently running on a 50/50 blend of petroleum diesel and renewable diesel. Mechanics say they have already noticed a difference.
"From a maintenance perspective our mechanics really see a difference in the switch from bio-diesel and the cleanliness of the fuel filters especially," said Scott Dybvad, Sustainability Program Specialist, City of Corvallis.
The switch this summer to R-99 is expected to reduce the fleet’s greenhouse gas emissions by about 1,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide each year. R-99 is made from vegetable oils and animal fats.
Renewable diesel is also being used by municipal fleets in Eugene and Portland.

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