Buying a Bong!!

I have been experimenting with these 4 strains of weed and have not really been getting a good flavor from any of them.  Clearly I am not a pro at this yet.  I think we have moved way past joints and simple pipes.  That settles it!  I am going to have to upgrade if I am going to do this right. I need a Bong.

I know some of you have gotten used to calling it a water pipe.  Whatever…it’s a Bong!!! Ok? I am not changing what I call it just because someone decided that was more acceptable prior to legalization.  “Wooooooo,  I am going to ingest a pretty flower out of my water pipe”.  Seriously? If they told you that we now rest on a sleeping platform when we are ready to retire in the eve,  I am still going to say “I’m going to bed, its late and I am tired”. It’s still a bong my friends and always will be.



First impression, WOW this place is amazing!! They have 2 colorful walls of bongs and other crazy contraptions.  There are t-shirts and banners and colorful containers and posters and, and, and…Let’s see everything!!!  Now began my education.  The sales guy was awesome.  He showed me the basic small single water chamber glass bong ($15).  Next, we moved on to a little larger double chamber one with a place for an Ice Cube.  What!!!??? This is so cool. “This is genius” I told him.  There was a large variety of this type with prices ranging from $25-$1,000,000.  There were so many others to see, but I decided to start out with a beginners bong.  Lets get a little experience under the old belt first.

double chamber bong

Double Chamber Bong

I saw a grinder used once by an old pro and so I asked the salesman to show me one of those.  I was instantly enamored with the multiple level grinder that holds fairy dust at the very bottom with a tiny scraper included.  You can sprinkle this little fairy dust all over a fresh bowl to add that something extra special to your experience. This one is the coolest looking and is uber complicated.  So…it must be the best.  Add it to the cart! At this point I cannot wait to go home and try it.



As I am walking out the door I see a squirrel run under a display for Vape Pens.  They are shiny and pretty and I am enraptured.  This is cool.  “Can I use this for pot oils?” I asked the friendly salesman. “Yes oh yes” is his reply.  He goes and gets his handy dandy secret tool box and proceeds to talk about how he has engineered a more efficient burn coil thingy.  This guy is a wizard!  I have already spent way more money than I had planned.  Obviously I was shocked at how expensive this stuff is.  So I thank him for the education and amazing customer service (he clearly loves his work).  I will be back for sure.  Now begins my collection.  I am thrilled as if I just got a new car.

NOTE:  If you are interested in having your products or strains reviewed, hit us up, we’ll figure out the details.  Email for the particulars!  Thanks for reading!