Mary Jane Uncorked

My journey began here…When I was 10 years old I decided to take a hit off a joint that was being passed around.  I don’t think it really did much to me.  Back in the late 70’s that was just what our weird parents and their friends were doing.  My experience with weed from that day forward was limited to a rare visit with my Dad, my cousins and a few odd experiences in high school before I decided it was not for me.  It made me super paranoid, emotional, tripped out, and a little far from control.  So I quit forever!!!!! My experience with the occasional ‘oh just this one time’ only helped deepen my impression that I was right, pot was weird and people that smoked it were unmotivated and lacking in, well, everything.

So how did it get here? Well I’m 47 and divorced, my children are out of the house and perhaps I am bored and just a little curious.  What is all the hype anyway?  Well I have a suspicion my head has been firmly planted up my… well, in the sand.

Empty Nest

The Empty Nest

Sooooo about a year or so ago I smoked again….

I started paying attention and accepting the occasional pipe that friends passed around. I didn’t want anyone to know I was doing it (already paranoid).  But I was on a mission to try it out.    There is an endless number of pot strains today that promise everything from pain relief and reducing stress to treating disease and ridiculous fun.  With names like Blue Dragon, Northern Lights, Green Crack and Lamb Sour Diesel (better known as LSD), what?!? Really??? What does it all mean?  Is there some happy weed out there that can fulfill even my dreams?  Back in the day I remember there was Purple Cush, Mexican, Humboldt County, Columbian Gold etc. You kinda knew what to expect… Now there are literally hundreds of names, strains, hybrids, edibles, pills, butters, oils, CBD, THC, etc… I have fallen far from any loop of knowledge.


dazed and Confused

I am a true virgin at this point…. But, Oh my goodness, have you tried this stuff?  Holy Cow, this is not what I would call pot, this is the super cyber, sky rockets in flight, super trip out, OMG…Ok so I am a newbie. Yes I know you pot smokers are laughing at me.  That’s ok.  I know there are also a number of folks reading this going, I kinda want to know more too.  Well guess what?  I will save you the time spent researching.  I am convinced that my discoveries will enlighten some, inspire others and in the end result in me finding my ‘Happy Pot’ and my happy place.

the happy place

The Happy Place

So welcome friends to my journey of discovery. I have recruited some real experts to help me.  Yep I am prepared. Here is the plan:  1.   Explore every crazy named pot out there. 2.  write about it so you can share the journey.  3.  Keep eyes peeled for the ‘great, sparkly, mythical, perfect weed that will be my life partner.

I cannot wait to begin.