The 2016 construction season already is under way as EmX crews add a right-turn lane on West 6th Avenue between Almaden and Chambers Streets. Adjacent businesses think it will help reduce rush-hour congestion in front of their driveways.

photo - Lane Transit District

photo – Lane Transit District

Road crews then will shift to widen Garfield Street between West 6th and 11th Avenues, and widen 11th Avenue between Bailey Hill Road and Beltline this year. Crews plan to alternate roadwork between Garfield and 11th Avenue to reduce traffic impacts and to complete sidewalks on one side of the road before working on the opposite side.

Road construction on 11th between Bailey Hill Road and Garfield Street is planned for 2017, allowing the West Eugene EmX service to begin in Fall 2017.

Eventually, more than half of the pavement on Garfield and 11th Avenue will be repaved, and new sidewalks and landscaping will line the roadway.


Have you see cement “planter boxes” next to the sidewalk at various places along the EmX route? They are new friends to fish and streams. Filled with sedges and rushes, their special design cleans stormwater before it reaches local rivers.

Click to see a video about stormwater filtration planters.

Meanwhile, carefully selected tree species are being planted in more space and better soil to lead to a healthy green future. Winter planting allows trees to establish their roots before putting energy into above-surface growth spurred on by the warm and sunny days ahead.

Also, electricians are wrapping up the installation of 58 new traffic signals and 119 audible pedestrian signals along 6th and 7th Avenues. City of Eugene traffic engineers will test the system before it becomes operational, then crews will remove the temporary wooden signal poles.