As I move along this journey of stoner discovery I have come across some interesting people and situations.  I have never laughed, cried, snorted or hyperventilated so much in my life.  Weed continues to amaze me.  No matter what mood I am in within minutes I am transported to whatever flavor cool-aid these pot magicians have mastered.  It is awesome.  One thing that I did not anticipate was that I would actually learn a lot about myself while high and while immersing myself into what used to be a subculture.  I have met some amazing people.  One particular person and the situation I found myself in had a major impact on me and I don’t think I will soon forget how it has changed me and taught me about being just a decent human.


I have an acquaintance I shall call Jim for this story.  Jim has an office in my same building.  He is a friendly sort and I liked him just fine but he was just a person I know at work.  You know the folks I am talking about.  The people we call colleagues but keep at a safe distance because, lets face it, most of us have a tight circle after so many years on the planet.

I’ll get the good part of the story.  Jim was assaulted while working late one night.  The building was empty and Jim was in bad shape.  He managed to contact the police and they took him to the hospital.  My partner and I were going by the office late to pick up a couple things and the place was crawling with police.  They told us the gruesome tale, we told them what we knew and we raced off to the hospital.  One thing I know about Jim from our few conversations is that his family is all back east so we knew he probably needed someone to be there at the hospital with him.

We got there and Jim was in bad shape.  He was beat so badly that he couldn’t see.  He was so grateful that we came to see him.  He became tearful while we held his hand on each side of the bed.  It was quite disturbing that someone would hurt another human being this way.  I was so angry and sad I could barely contain it.  The police came in and out and the Care Givers came and went and we just stayed there with him to give him comfort.  When they asked where he was going to go once they released him I just said “we are taking him home with us”.  My partner and I looked at each other and I knew what he was thinking.  We hardly know this guy.  But my gut told me it was the right thing to do.  We were all he had and all I could think of was “what if it was me?”  I sure hope someone would step up.


We picked him up the next evening and headed toward home.  I have a house about 60 miles out of town and I thought it would be a great place for Jim to rest and recover.  The whole drive Jim was going on and on reliving every moment of the assault and thanking us for our kindness over and over.  I was like, someone give this guy a sedative, he sure talks a lot.  then he threw up in my car and I thought, “Ok, put on your patience hat.”  We got him settled at the house and covered with ice packs and I asked him if he wanted a pain reliever.  He said “no, I just need to smoke some weed”.  Well Jim its your lucky day.  Not only did I have my new wonder bong but I happened to have my favorite weed (up until this point) on hand.  He took a few hits and sat back.  He thanked me and said how much better he felt.  I’m like what?  No way can this replace the awesome stupor a pill can offer.  When I had surgery a few years ago I was in so much pain I took every pill that passed within 6 feet of my mouth like a suckling piglet.  Jim soon drifted off to sleep.


The next day I offered to go to the pharmacy to pick up Jim’s prescriptions.  Jim said “if you don’t mind I will just smoke a little more weed.  I don’t like pills and this is far better.”  Ok Jim if you say so.  We went on like this for 4 days.  I sadly watched each day as I let Jim smoke all of my favorite sacred pot.  But, it was working and he was slowly starting to feel better.  Now, I will admit I am a pretty good healer.  I made food fit for a king, I told my best jokes, got high too and as usual was completely ridiculous.  We spent 4 days talking to Jim about life, family and pretty much everything.  We talked to Jim’s Mother too.  She was so thankful for us taking care of her little Jimmy. “He’s such a good boy” she said.  She also said we were welcome at her home anytime.  Jim told us he had no idea people could do something like this for a stranger.  He marveled over it actually.  I think where Jim came from people just weren’t like that.  I knew we had done the right thing.  We really got to know Jim.  It turns out he’s a pretty nice guy.

Once the swelling had gone down and Jim could see again it was time to go home.  He jokingly said all he wanted was to stay another month.  Man am I good or what?  He hugged me goodbye and told me he loved me and would never forget my kindness and that he would remember it forever.

Jim is healing up fine.  The people who hurt him have still not been caught.  Jim seems different than he did when we first met him.  It’s as if showing him that there were good people in the world really made him think about his life, what he wanted it to look like going forward and the kind of person he wants to be.  He never misses an opportunity to embrace and thank us.  He appears to have a new lease on life.


What have I learned.  Pot is even more amazing than ever, obviously!!   I have never seen someone go from anguish to a restful place of healing so quickly.  I am awed by this new discovery.  I also learned that I should pay closer attention to the opportunities to make new friends.  You just never know how important an unexpected side journey can be.