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Every day there are children all over the world who are unable to attend school, and adults unable to get to work all because they have no access to shoes. Everyday tasks such as walking become unbearable, and something as simple as a new pair of shoes can provide relief for these kids and adults.

A nonprofit global organization that is committed to help fight poverty thru the collection and distribution of shoes and clothing,  Soles4Souls has collected over 26 million pairs of shoes for those in need in 127 countries, and all 50 states since 2006.

Soles4Souls was originally founded as disaster relief organization and continues to act as a second wave respond-er in natural disasters. Their mission is to assist and contribute resources for those in need during the times of these disasters.

A local Eugene business recently announced that they would be spearheading a local drop location for this organization. Tyler Head, owner of Turning Point Realty Group intends on being a permanent collection site and helping Soles4Souls on their mission to eradicate poverty.


“I became involved with Soles4Souls when I was discussing with my marketing account manager different opportunities that I could take advantage of to give back to my community for everything they have done for me.  He mentioned Soles4Souls so I looked them up and read about their cause and I really liked it,” said Head. “I decided to contact Soles4Souls directly to see if they were interested in having me be a drop off location for people that wanted to donate to the cause and they said they would be glad to have me as part of their team.”

Currently Head is working hard to get the word out about not only the organization, but his business being a donation site. He is hoping to seek local support and encourages those in the community to learn more about the organization, and also bring in their gently used or new shoes to donate.

“Many people in the community have an opportunity to give something. Anything that they can give means so much to others that have nothing,” said Head. “For those people that can’t afford to give a pair of shoes or clothes, just giving us word of encouragement and support means the world to us, maybe they can give a little time to help collect shoes or clothes from folks than can afford to give.  Anything helps, and is appreciated more than you can imagine.”

Soles4Souls mission is to help those in developing nations who use walking as their main mode of transportation. These millions of people are exposed to unsanitary conditions that could lead to illness or even death. With the donation of a single pair of shoes to each of these individuals you can help end this cycle.


“I have not gotten a chance to see how our work impacts the people that are benefiting from our donations. I would love the opportunity to travel to another area of the wold and be the one that can personally give these folks new shoes and clothing to wear. that would be an incredible experience,” said Head. “I haven’t received any local support yet because I just got started and I don’t think anyone knows about us yet. I have collected about 6  pairs of shoes so far and they have all come from family. I hope to get a ton of local support as time goes on, and together we can all be more productive members of the community.”

You can drop off your gently used clothing or shoes to Turning Point Realty Group office, 112 E. 13th Avenue in Eugene. For more information about getting involved with Soles4Souls, visit https://soles4souls.org/get-involved/


Jennifer Williams attended Junction City High School where she was the Editor of the Maroon and Gold school newspaper back in 2008. She spent time writing for the Tri-County Tribune a newspaper based in Lane County. Jennifer lives here in Eugene and enjoys touring local breweries, hiking the butte, and is an avid reader of the classics.

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