Town Hall Meetings Will Focus on Community Issues

EUGENE, Ore. – Commissioner Jay Bozievich and Sheriff Byron Trapp will hold a town hall meeting Monday in Veneta.

The Lane County jail is just one of the items on the agenda that will be discussed.

Sheriff Trapp said the meetings are to update the community members of the upcoming budget year as well as public safety issues. 

He said community members will learn about the update of the Jail Levy funding, the jail funding and the jail status based on the funds received from the Levy that was passed almost three years ago. 

He said the county is three years into the five-year Levy plan and so far it has allowed them to make improvements in public safety and expand jail capacity.

The meetings will give community members the chance to sit and talk with the commissioner and sheriff and ask questions on issues they want to know more about.

“You know I think the floor is wide open, there’s no rules or sideboards on where the conversation goes as long as we can find the information, we’ll find the information and share it back to them,” said Sheriff Trapp.

This is just one of several town hall meetings that will be held during the month of April.

The other meetings will take place in — Florence, Mapleton and Blachly – however, Sheriff Trapp said you don’t have to live those areas to attend.

The first meeting will take place at the Veneta Community Center from 6:30 P.M. to 8 P.M.


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