The Honest Art Of Selling Out


Dancers use movement and body language to express and portray emotions or characters. Work Dance Company is a highly motivated Hip Hop, and Jazz/Funk Dance Company based in Eugene. Choreographer Nate Boozer founded this dynamic group back in 2008. Work Dance Company has sold out shows in both Eugene, and Portland. They have been the recipient of the Best in Eugene award two years running, for their over the top productions in Wonderland and Animal instinct.

Work Dance Company has 22 multi-talented dancers using everything from old school to new school urban hip hop, and jazz/funk techniques. They are unique in that they also add theatrics to their shows and routines. Work has performed in venues all over, and is making a name for itself with their fresh style, and high energy performances on the stage.


“The dance company has hosted 8 SELL OUT shows at the Hult Center in Eugene, OR, and 3 SELL OUT shows in Portland, OR. We also hosts a monthly Hip Hop ‘HyPE’ night up in Portland, OR, every first Thursday of the month at CC Slaughter’s Nightclub,” said Boozer. “The Hype night is fully equipped with Go Go dancers and three fresh performances by Work Dance Co. throughout the night. The event has become the best hip hop night of the month for the Portland night life.”

Saturday, April 30th, Work hosted Neon Jungle at the Hult Center here in Eugene. Using everything from; video visual effects, lighting, props, and dozens of costume changes. Over 100 dancers shared the stage with special guest groups joining Work on the stage.

Show description; ‘Scratch up these walls bleeding pink mix me up something sweet to drink. Lit up towns with people on display, the urge is in me I’m ready to play. Switch my hips, and tap my feet, I am ready to dance to the sound of this beat. The vibe is right and the mood is set, come with me on the dance floor, this party isn’t over yet.’


“Neon Jungle was a great success! We Sold out 4 days before the show and had a huge waiting list of people trying to get any tickets that might be released. This was a great thing to have happen. This was our 9th sell out show and the audience and I agree it was our best yet. The vibe was just so wonderful on stage with all the guest groups and Work Dance company dancers,” said Boozer. “I have to say there is something magical performing for a larger venue and having it be sold out. The energy that filled the venue was MAGICAL and left us feeling so pumped and thankful for the amazing community response. We decided to donate part of our proceeds to HIV alliance and another portion to Local Dance scholarships!  I am a firm believer in if the community is going to help you out and show support we should give back to them!”

Work vows to bring a true and honest dance production to their audience. This group of talented dancers love what they do, and continue to push the limit and themselves to bring their community, and your community they best performance each and every time they perform.

Jennifer Williams attended Junction City High School where she was the Editor of the Maroon and Gold school newspaper back in 2008. She spent time writing for the Tri-County Tribune a newspaper based in Lane County. Jennifer lives here in Eugene and enjoys touring local breweries, hiking the butte, and is an avid reader of the classics.

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