The Melody Comes First-Andrew Castro


As Andrew is playing his guitar, one layer is recorded, then another, then percussion, until the room is filled with a thick background and then the solo and vocals go on top of that.  It is called looping and he is proficient in the style. Fairly new as a singer/songwriter he has found an expressive way to perform his original music.

Andrew at the Growler Underground

Having released three EPs he is now working on a full length CD.  Last year was his first tour, beginning in his hometown of Sacramento all the way to Seattle and Austin, Texas. He sold out all his EPs which encouraged him to go on and record more.

Growing up in the Bay Area, Andrew found the music scene hard to break into and for a new player not very receptive. He picked up and moved to Sacramento two years ago and his career has improved remarkably. Supportive of music, the Sacramento area has given him opportunities to hone his craft and actually start making a living doing music.

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Artists he admires and influences his style are Tom Petty, John Mayer and Ed Sherin.  His admiration for Ed Sherin is not only his music but his approach to the music business.  Approaching music as a business has helped Andrew sustain his dream showing him what has to be done to make money.

When writing his songs the melody usually comes first, then the words flow into the framework. Relationships are the basis of his songs and he admits to having limited experiences so observation is his biggest tool. It is helpful having a significant other who is also a singer/songwriter because she knows the time it takes to write and arrange and practice for live shows.

The current tour is ambitious starting in Oregon, he will be going to southern California, then Las Vegas, Nashville and New York.  Some of the gigs he has scheduled are at Rockwood Music Hall and Piano’s in New York city. Later on this summer he will be involved in three music festivals in the Sacramento.

Another tool that helps not only Andrew but many singer/songwriters is a website called Indiegogo.  Submitting a video with ideas of what you want to accomplish. People send support and donate money to make your ideas a reality.

Andrew’s music is available on his website and iTunes.

I received my first guitar when I was 10 years old and that started me on a journey of discovering all types of music. Performing in a rock band in my teen years, studying classical music as a vocal major in college, finding jazz, musical theater and opera as a young adult, guitar was still my first love. Learning technical aspects of sound and lighting, most recently in Las Vegas, I have had the privilege of working on many shows with many very talented performers giving me a unique perspective on all types of genres. Music is life.

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