No Death Penalty for A.J. Nelson

EUGENE, Ore. – Jurors are recommending a prison sentence of life without the possibility of parole, and not a death sentence for a man guilty of kidnapping and murdering a man in 2012.
Prosecutors asked for the death penalty for A.J. Nelson for his role in the death of Celestino Gutierrez. Nelson will be sentenced on June 2nd.

Nelson and two others, David Ray Taylor, and Mercedes Crabtree, kidnapped, tortured, and murdered Gutierrez in August of 2012.

The three kidnapped Gutierrez as part of a plan to steal his car and use it in a bank robbery.

Taylor and Nelson robbed a bank in Mapleton after killing Gutierrez and dismembering his body inside Taylor’s Eugene home.

Crabtree is currently serving a life sentence and Taylor is on death row.

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