SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — The City of Springfield is hoping to lower the speed limit on a stretch of Main Street, after a tragic accident last year.

The speed limit on Main Street is 40 miles per hour. The city put in a request to O-DOT nearly one year ago to reduced it 35 miles per hour.

Neil Laudati, with the City of Springfield, said they’ve also improved cross walks and increased patrols on the busy stretch of road. It’s all in an effort to prevent another tragedy from striking the community.

It’s been a little more than a year since three children were hit and killed while crossing Main Sstreet with their mother, who survived. The city put in a request to O-DOT to lower the speed limit on a stretch of Main Street nearly one year ago.

O-DOT conducted two speed zone investigations. Based on those investigations, it recommends keeping the existing speed limit. O-DOT said lowering the posted speed limit will not change current driver’s speeds, because they said drivers will continue to drive speeds they feel fit the characteristics of the road.

The city will review the study before deciding what to do next.