Unplugged: Christian Brown and Sojourner


For two and a half years Christian, Nick, Shaun and Cody have made up “Sojourner”. Now in their twenties they have come up with a style all their own.  Described by the band as indie/alternative/rock the thoughtful lyrics appeal to a large audience.

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Growing up in Springfield, Christian loves playing to a hometown crowd. The Growler Underground was packed for the Friday night rare acoustic show with part of the band.

Making a few minutes for a brief interview the band members were asked how they write their songs.  Christian is the prolific lyric writer and builds the “skeleton” of the song, then as they practice the arrangements come together with two guitars, drums and bass.

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Sojourner is getting ready to release their new album  “Wanderer”, in June. the album was produce by Thadeus Moore at Sprout Studios. One thing the band wanted to make sure to relate was the way that they financed their album.  A website called “Kickstarter” allows artists to upload video explaining what they want to do and gives listeners and interested parties an example of what the group actually sounds like.  If someone likes what they hear they can donate funds for the production of an album.  If they do not receive at least $,4000.00 the project is dropped.  If they receive that amount they obtain the funds and pay for the album production.  Sojourner was able to raise $5,500.00 and completely paid for the album.  That says a lot about the appeal of their music to a wide range of fans.

Starting July 28th Sojourner begins their summer tour in Medford, Bend, Portland to Auburn, Washington and a few more towns in between. With their relaxed stage presence and easy banter, Sojourner is a fun night out.

I received my first guitar when I was 10 years old and that started me on a journey of discovering all types of music. Performing in a rock band in my teen years, studying classical music as a vocal major in college, finding jazz, musical theater and opera as a young adult, guitar was still my first love. Learning technical aspects of sound and lighting, most recently in Las Vegas, I have had the privilege of working on many shows with many very talented performers giving me a unique perspective on all types of genres. Music is life.

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