It’s Finally The Weekend…Now What?


Tired to Hit the Pub? Take your Nightlife Online

After a long and exhausting week spent working your behind off, you can hardly wait for the weekend to finally begin. But there are times when you are too tired to get up from the couch. Your mind may be ready for action, but your body says a big no to anything that involves moving anything but your fingers. You don’t have to spend these evenings couch-surfing, tough. You can do something much more exciting, and much more lucrative as well.

Nightlife in your pocket


Vegas-style online entertainment is always just one click away. You can click here for the most entertaining slot machines you’ve ever played, in a variety that puts even the largest Vegas resorts to shame. The Euro Palace is a gaming destination with a considerable history, and a massive collection of online games. If you choose to download its free casino suite, you’ll gain instant access to over 700 great games you can play on your desktop or laptop computer. But you can go with the Euro Palace Mobile, which has more than 100 games for you – and you can carry them around in your pocket, if you like. Or play them on the couch, after a tiresome week.

Quality entertainment

While playing at the Euro Palace can’t match the glitter of taking a walk on the Strip, it has many advantages. For one, it’s the lack of the glitter designed to distract you, and keep you playing. Without the noise and the lights, all you have to focus on is the fun of the games. And what games! Among them, you’ll find slot machines and card games, scratch cards and bingo, and whatever else you might think of. And you can play the all completely free online.

The lucrative part

Players from Europe, Canada, and Australia are often returning to the Euro Palace not only for its massive collection of games, but also for its amazing promotions. New players are greeted with a generous welcome bonus, worth up to $500 depending on the amount they add to their account. Besides, this summer the Euro Palace makes the deal even sweeter with 100 free spins on some of its most popular slot machines. If all this wouldn’t be enough, it also offers its players an ongoing special, where they can win not only a share of a $550,000 prize pool, but also a getaway to a paradisiacal location.

Even without the amazing bonuses, available to players outside the US only, the Euro Palace is one of the most entertaining way you can spend a lazy Friday evening on the couch. All the fun you can get, without any effort. Sounds good, right?

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