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Fifteen years ago a young man picked up a guitar and started playing and putting music to the lyrics he had been writing.  Having been influence by the NW bands like Nirvanna, his style of rock and roll comes from those heartfelt lyrics and heavy guitar licks.

Jay moved from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania to Jackson, Wyoming seven years ago.  His love of hiking and camping brought him to the inspirational mountains in that part of Wyoming.

At age 22 he started singing out and about to share his music and work on his performance style. Possibly his mother’s influence as a writer had something to do with his love of word crafting.

Jay Alm - photo by Dee Anderson
Jay Alm – photo by Dee Anderson

When he is not playing music he is a teacher at a children’s museum.  Two years ago he was given a Native American Flute which has become a small part of his show.  The haunting whistle coming from the wooden instrument is captivating. I wanted more, more, more.

Summer for the last two years he has taken off on a tour.  Last summer his extensive tour took him  to Alaska, Canada, east coast.  While traveling his guitars were stolen.  He had to replace his favorite 12 string Ovation and a six string Ibanez that he wanted to replace anyway.  Searching through the numerous types of guitars, he settled on two Breedlove’s. It was worth  every penny spent.  The sound created by the guitars adds greatly to his unique music. Filling the Growler Underground in Springfield, with his music, between the great sound system and the mood lighting and an enthusiastic audience, the show was definitely appreciated.

Jay AlmIMG_9203
Play it Jay! – photo by Dee Anderson

Loading up his Tahoe and getting ready to move to the next town, his enthusiasm for his music is contagious.  He is three weeks into a two month tour and looks forward to each and every show. Through Montana and down the west coast, this tour supports his newest recordings. Check him out on Facebook to hear some of his tunes.


I received my first guitar when I was 10 years old and that started me on a journey of discovering all types of music. Performing in a rock band in my teen years, studying classical music as a vocal major in college, finding jazz, musical theater and opera as a young adult, guitar was still my first love. Learning technical aspects of sound and lighting, most recently in Las Vegas, I have had the privilege of working on many shows with many very talented performers giving me a unique perspective on all types of genres. Music is life.

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