Is it punk rock band? Is it a new shark defense? The short answer is, no!

Photo by Dee Anderson

Brad Nolan

Local, Brad Nolan has put three musicians together with absolutely nothing in common except music. This is the” Love Shark Resistors”.  Asking how they came up with that name, the answer is simple, the random name generator on the computer. Band names are difficult to find, so you give the computer a little information or just let it go and the answer soon follows.

Brad came to Eugene from Excelsior, Minnesota to take a job in Chemistry/Biochemistry at the University of Oregon.  Guitar has been an interest for him for at least twenty-five years.  Song writing came along with the guitar playing. Americana is his description for the music the group of three play.

Phto by Dee Anderson

Charity Hopkins

Coming from Minnesota also, is Charity Hopkins. Charity moved to Eugene because of the weather. “You don’t have to shovel rain!”.  She has played the cello for thirty one years and picked up the banjo along the way. In her busy life you will find her taking care of her two year old and building African drums alongside her husband.  Together they built a business: ‘SLAP HAPPY DRUMS’.  Talking to charity it is clear music has to be a part of her life, no matter what else is going on.

Photo by Dee Anderson

Austin Meek

The third member of the band is Austin Meek. I hesitate to say who he works for because it is EDN’s competition, but here we go.  Austin is a sports writer for the Eugene Register Guard.  There I said it.  His talents also lie in playing the guitar and mandolin.  Playing guitar came first about fifteen years ago and then mandolin about one and a half years ago.  Song writing would seem to be a given since he makes his living as a writer.  Maybe a little more sensitive prose than sports writing, but writing just the same.

photo by Dee Anderson

“Love Shark Resistors”

This group of musicians came together through Craigslist. Brad has had several configurations of his band, but this one seems to be the most compatible.

Listening to their show the musicianship is evident.  Each has learned their craft well and each contributes personality to the arrangements of their original songs. I had to ask about one song specifically because the arrangement had all instruments playing the same melody. Between the words the sound made it impossible to look away. The title of that song is “Fault Scarp”. One can only guess what that means.

This group isn’t reaching for fame and fortune.  They want to play good music and share it with a town they all care about.  Playing their music has taken them to the Wandering Goat, 5th St. Cornucopia, Cozmic, Ninkasi and I saw them at the Growler Underground.

There music is available to listen to on Facebook and Reverb Nation.

They will be back at the Growler Underground October 7th.