Public Work Crews Continue Clearing Roads

EUGENE, Ore. – Trees and debris on the ground have been a common scene throughout Eugene the last couple of days.
Eugene Public Work crews continued to clean roadways for downed trees early Friday morning and many said this is the worst they have ever seen.
They said the reason there are so many trees and branches falling are because of the ice that forms on the trees which adds more weight causing the trees to lean.
Public Works said roads are cold but dry.
They said only a small amount of deicing was necessary Thursday night and they could not get to some roads due to trees blocking the roadway.
Public Works said they cleared 12 trees from roads Thursday night, and said their goal is to open all roads by Friday evening.
Crews said although things are starting to calm down a bit, they still believe trees may fall in the coming days.
“It could still get worse if we get a little wind or a little more ice, even as the ice thaws there could be more branches breaking and falling,” said Matt Rivers, with Eugene Public Works.
Public Works want to remind folks that they only focus on clearing trees and debris on public property and not private.
The Lane County Board of Commissioners plan on meeting Friday morning where they are expected to declare a local emergency which will free up funding to help when there’s a large scale response like the one this past week.

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