Where Did The Week Go… Elderly Woman or Mannequin?


Police Mistake Mannequin for Elderly Frozen Woman

One of this year’s Internet crazes was the Mannequin Challenge which involved people standing frozen in an area and creating the illusion that they were in the middle of an activity before suddenly turning into a mannequin.

Some of the videos online are incredibly elaborate and everyone from athletes to politicians to college kids got in on the fun. Side note: Lebron James and Warren Beatty suck at it. Just saying. But isn’t it ironic that in a year when so many celebrities died, one of the fads was a game where people appear to be frozen or dead.

It’s a bit of a reach, I know, but on Friday, an alleged dead person turned out to be a mannequin.

Police in Hudson, New York were called when a citizen said she discovered an elderly woman ‘frozen to death’ in her Subaru parked along City Hall Place, Hudson.

I can see why they thought it was real. | (Hudson Police Department)

Police arrived and found the “woman” sitting in the passenger seat wearing an oxygen mask. It was very cold, about 8 degrees, and the car had a little bit of snow cover which led police to believe it had been there overnight.

An officer broke the rear passenger window and opened the door to discover it was  an extremely realistic life-sized mannequin. It had clothes, teeth and wrinkly skin. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more life-like mannequin.

The owner of the vehicle eventually returned and it was determined that the mannequin was a CPR training device. The man is a sales manager for a company that manufacturers medical training aids.

The man was reportedly very upset with the them breaking his car window, but the police feel he shouldn’t have had it sitting upright in the car.

“Carry you mannequin a little bit better,” said Hudson Police Department Sgt. Randy Clarke. “The mannequin was in the front seat with a seat belt and appearing to be a passenger in the car.”

I know what this is. This guy wanted to take advantage of the carpool lane by taking his work home with him. Hopefully that’s the only reason he took the doll home.


UPS Delivers Assault Rifle Instead of Toy

Tis the season of giving. Some people ask for new socks, others for a nice pair of earrings or headphones. One New York couple wanted to get their friend’s son a toy plane. Instead they received something much more dangerous.

Newsday reports that Joel Berman opened the keyboard-sized case in front of his wife and 6-year-old granddaughter Wednesday night and discovered a semi-automatic rifle, scope, stand, ammo clip and copies of an Arizona man’s driver’s license and concealed-weapons permit.

Not exactly a Ride Ryder BB gun. | (wymt.com)

They called the police who confiscated the weapon. Atlanta-based UPS says it’s investigating the “highly unusual incident.”

This gives new meaning to the phrase, “You’ll shoot your eye out.” Yeah, more like invade a small country. Or prepare for the zombie apocalypse. Or something far worse that I don’t really want to think about.

We all want something for Christmas. Somewhere in Arizona, some dude is opening his package to discover a toy plane. Maybe don’t screw up that guy’s order. Just a thought.


Best Buy Employees Surprise Teen with Wii U

Having worked in retail, you tend to notice regulars who come in. Employees at a Best Buy in Valley Stream, NY noticed a boy who would always come into the store to play Super Smash Bros’ on the store’s Wii U demo console.

So a number of employees decided to make the young man’s Christmas a little brighter. Using their own money, the employees pitched in to purchase a Wii U Bundle for the teen, valued at $300, so he wouldn’t have to come into the store everyday.

The employees shot the exchange on video (Why not throw in some publicity for the store) and said:

“On behalf of all of us here at Best Buy,  we bought you a Wii so that you don’t have to come in here every day and play. This is something that we did for you, everybody here, that you see here, we all got together and chipped in so that you could have one for yourself.”

It might appear in the video that the teen is perhaps ungrateful. But he’s just genuinely speechless and maybe wondering if the kind gesture is too good to be true.

He eventually cracks a smile thus giving us another example of the joys of the holiday season. I could have wrote about two more ridiculous Florida stories, but instead decided to focus on an uplifting one.

Passionate about movies, sports and writing, Ryan hails from Bend but lives in Springfield now. He earned his college degree in journalism from the University of Oregon and hopes to one day write a novel. He also enjoys sunsets and long walks on the beach.

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