The Growler Underground Closes!


Here we go again.  After so many fantastic shows and phenomenal artists playing their terrific music, the venue is closing.  I had to show you some of the people that made the almost 2 years of music so fine.

Every Thursday we had the “Acoustic Underground Open Mic”. It amazed me the quality of players that came to share their music or refine their shows and expected nothing in return but a good beer.

One thing that we have to mention is the quality of the sound system that Jodi Coon provided for the shows.  He not only supplied high quality equipment but consistently mixed each group or individual to make them sound the best that they could.

Players like Mark Huff from Nashville, Bearcoon from Sacramento, Andrew Castro and Xochitl also from Sacramento. Birdie and the Bow tie from San Diego.  Sandra Dolores from Sacramento.  Tom Melancon fro Seattle, Jay Alm from Jackson Hole, Wyoming, King Columbia from Portland, Lucas Biespiel from Portland, Cletis Carr from Australia, Kevin James Pertinen form Minneapolis, Minnesota, Shawn Barnby from Pocatello, Idaho, Paul Holland (with the Association) Los Angeles

photo by Dee Anderson
Andrew Castro

Some of the locals that brought their talents to the Growler were David Rogers, Dan Cioper, Amblin, Makara Heart, Melody Bell, Kelly Asay, Famous in Florence, Still Thinking, the Tracey’s, Tatiamo, Livin’ the Dream, Sean Austin, Jessie Meade, Robert Meade, Girin Guha, Jeremy Pruitt, Steve Goodbar, Shawn Williams, Ramblin’ Robert, the Miller Sister, Crooked River, Buffalo Romeo, Love shark Resistors, Elizabeth Cable, Tyler Morin, Jarod Jackson, Christian Brown, Nate Morrow, Nancy Mesto, Deb Bauer, Dylan Bragg, Ivan “the Terrible”, Christian Kinyon, Tyler Morin, 2 Doors Down, Dee Anderson, Kai Botak, Gary Reed, B.W. Krehbiel, Lisa Reed, Chris Kohen, Jim Liberato, Cornstalkers, Green Hill bluegrass Band, Dan Van, and many more.

photo by Dee Anderson
Love Shark Resitors

Aaron, Stephanie, Jimmy, Chris and David staffed the place and made sure the beer continued to flow and the food made to order.

photo by Dee Anderson
Aaron behind the bar
photo by Dee Anderson
David Platt

Sometimes a venue runs its course, most of the time the support for the local music is minimal which is a shame.  When an audience comes to see a show they usually enjoy it and that supports the venues and the artists.  We all know that music is readily available online, but nothing compares to the joy of hearing music live, mistakes and all, because some magic happens and it fills your soul when you are there to hear it.  Goodbye to the Growler Underground, we will miss you.

I received my first guitar when I was 10 years old and that started me on a journey of discovering all types of music. Performing in a rock band in my teen years, studying classical music as a vocal major in college, finding jazz, musical theater and opera as a young adult, guitar was still my first love. Learning technical aspects of sound and lighting, most recently in Las Vegas, I have had the privilege of working on many shows with many very talented performers giving me a unique perspective on all types of genres. Music is life.

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