Where Did The Week Go… Mail Carrier Jeff Kramer Builds Ramp for Elderly Dog


Colorado Mail Carrier Jeff Kramer Builds Ramp for Elderly Dog

Normally a mail carrier’s biggest fear or obstacle when delivering the mail is a rabid dog. But for Jeff Kramer in Boulder, Colorado, the highlight of his route was his daily encounters with Tashi the black lab.

“As fast as he could — which was not very fast — he ran up to me tail wagging, first day I met him,” Kramer said. “He’s just a really friendly dog. And I am a dog person, and they can tell.”

But those enthusiastic greetings from Tashi began to wain after a few years due to the dog’s advanced age (He’s 14).

Jeff Kramer on his daily route in Boulder, Colorado. | (KUSA)

“We were literally carrying him up and down the stairs,” said Tashi’s owner, Karen Dimetrosky. “And he weighs about 70 pounds.”

Kramer noticed this and decided to do something about it. Kramer had built a ramp for his own dog, which had been sitting in his backyard since the dog passed away a few years ago.

“I just noticed they needed it. I didn’t need it anymore and I hate throwing thins away,” said Kramer.

So on his day off, Kramer hauled the ramp over to the Dimetrosky residence and installed it himself.

“It’s incredible,” said Dimetrosky. “I can’t imagine not having the ramp now. It’s the only way he gets in and out.”


Netflix Instant Pick: Zero Motivation

It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these, but it’s a new year so how about a  Netflix recommendation.

I like finding diamonds in the rough on Netflix and a perfect example is Zero Motivation. Where else can you find a military office comedy from Israel.

The film follows female Israeli soldiers pushing papers and perfecting Mind Sweeper in an effort to make their time in the military go by faster so they can return to civilian life.

But amidst their boredom and clashing personalities, they must deal with issues of commitment, friendship, love and country.

Written and directed by Talya Lavie, Zero Motivation is a sharp satire not only on the inner workings of a typical work environment, but also women in a predominantly male setting.

But the interesting thing is, the few male characters that do show up in the film are not obstacles or villains for the female characters. Lavie makes her protagonists figure out their problems on their own however messy it may be.

‘Zero Motivation’ is a sharp office satire from an unlikely place. | (heebmagazine.com)

The two main characters are Zohar and Daffi. Zohar is the office veteran who presents this facade that she’s tough as nails and knows everything. But in reality, she’s clueless when it comes to the opposite sex and fears her impending future.

Daffi’s motivations are more clear. She will do anything to get transferred from the remote desert base to the more thriving and Westernized Tel Aviv.

The film is presented in three segments focusing on the two main characters as well as a third character, Captain Rama, the only female officer in the management team.

The script is smartly structured and features terrific performances, particularly from Dana Ivgy who plays Zohar. She has an irrational confidence on screen that really impressed me.

Despite a setting that is foreign to American audiences, Zero Motivation tackles universal themes with wit, intelligence and humor. It’s also just a great movie with strong female characters leading it. You don’t see that very often.


Man Accused of Urinating on Cop

Welcome back, Florida!

A man in the sunshine state is facing charges of battery and indecent exposure after he allegedly urinated on a highway patrol officer.

Joseph Murphy was arrested Sunday morning for disorderly intoxication at a shopping mall at the Walt Disney World Resort, according to WKMG TV.

The 20-year-old was placed in a patrol car and allegedly began banging his head against a partition and then tried to choke himself.

According to police, Murphy started yelling “police brutality” and “F*** Trump” to the officers. But the young man wasn’t done yet.

Upon arriving at the jail, he urinated on the floor as well as an officer’s pants. Murphy is now facing charges including battery on a law enforcement officer, exposure of sexual organs, two charges of resisting arrest without violence and disorderly intoxication.

That’s quite the night for anyone, but in Florida it’s just another day at the office.

Passionate about movies, sports and writing, Ryan hails from Bend but lives in Springfield now. He earned his college degree in journalism from the University of Oregon and hopes to one day write a novel. He also enjoys sunsets and long walks on the beach.

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