Where Did The Week Go… Charles Oakley Arrested at Knicks Game


Charles Oakley Kicked Out of New York Knicks Game and Arrested

The Wednesday night game between the Los Angeles Clippers and New York Knicks was entertaining. But the biggest story to come out of the game is what happened off the court.

During the first quarter, Kristaps Porzingis was about to shoot a free throw when play suddenly stopped and all of the players looked toward the front row behind the basket.

Former New York Knick tough guy Charles Oakley was being escorted out of the arena by no less than seven security guards. As they made their way to the tunnel, Oakley fell and was eventually cuffed by a police officer. It was a bizarre scene.

Replays show Oakley pushing one security guard away and grabbing another by the throat. According to the Knicks organization and local media who spoke with people nearby, Oakley was acting inappropriately and yelling at Knicks owner James Dolan prompting the security team to confront the 53-year-old.

Charles Oakley has always had a bit of a temper. | (SBNation)

Following his early exit from the game, Oakley was officially arrested and charged with three counts of assault and one count of criminal trespassing. The following day, he made the media rounds. He denied acting belligerent towards Dolan and that he was there as a fan.

This is the latest in a string of issues that have befallen the Knicks franchise. Earlier this season, starting point guard Derrick Rose failed to show up for a game and didn’t tell anyone where he was going. He later said he had to deal with a “family matter.”

In addition to that, star player Carmelo Anthony and team president Phil Jackson have engaged in several social media wars over Anthony’s play on the court and whether he should wave his no-trade clause.

These are just things that have happened off the court. As a team, New York is a disaster yet again. They are currently 11 games under .500. In the six seasons Anthony has been there, the team has made the playoffs only three times. They haven’t had a winning season in four seasons.

The Knicks should be one of the elite franchises. But in the last 13 years, the team has been through five team presidents, six head coaches and have been embroiled in multiple sexual misconduct lawsuits. They’ve also been notorious for giving massive contracts to players undeserving and making terrible decisions in the NBA draft.

This latest incident just highlights an organization rife with mismanagement and turmoil. It’s hard to believe a city like New York can’t have a competent basketball franchise let alone a competitive one.


Police Threaten Drunk Drivers with Justin Bieber Super Bowl Ad

Not too long ago, police were threatening potential law breakers with Nickelback music and now that’s evolved into Justin Bieber.

On Super Bowl Sunday, the Wyoming Police Department sent out a tweet letting residents of their small town know that if they drove while intoxicated following the big game, the punishment would be even worse than a normal DUI.

“If you drive drunk tonight we’re going to subject you to that Justin Bieber @TMobile Super Bowl Commercial the entire way to jail,” tweeted the Wyoming, Minnesota Police Department.

This would definitely deter me from drinking and driving. | (aceshowbiz.com)

The ad features Bieber in a tuxedo recounting the history of the touchdown dance with help from New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski. Bieber concludes the commercial with a number of nifty dance moves. I actually didn’t mind the ad, but the Wyoming Police apparently felt it was crime unto its self.

The tweet was meant for the 8,000 or so residents of Wyoming, but its message of “If you drink and drive, you will be subjected to Bieber” reached far beyond their small town.

“We’ve seen responses from Europe, Australia, all across the U.S. and Canada,” said Wyoming Police Chief Paul Hoppe.

The tweet has had more than a million views and it apparently worked. The department received no drunken driving arrests Sunday night. We’ve had Nickelback and Bieber. What’s next, Trump speeches?


Dept. of Education Misspells Author’s Name in Tweet

Betsy DeVos’ confirmation as the new Secretary of Education has been met with much scrutiny due to her lack of experience in education. The Michigan billionaire has neither worked in nor attended a public school nor has she sent her children to public schools. I can see where people might have a problem with that.

Following her razor-thin win after Vice President Mike Pence cast the tie-breaking vote, her first week on the job didn’t exactly go smoothly.

Not a great start for the new Secretary of Education. | (DeVos: Jonathan Ernst/Reuters; illustration by Yahoo News)

On Sunday, the U.S. Department of Education tweeted a photo and quote from the late writer, historian and civil rights activist W.E.B. Du Bois. The quote read, “Education must not simply teach work – it must teach life.”

Great quote, but there was one small problem. The original tweet spelled his name as DeBois. The error was left unchanged for nearly four hours before the department corrected the error and issued an apology. Except, the apology also contained an error.

“Our deepest apologizes for the earlier typo,” the initial apology tweet read before a second one was issued.

The new Secretary of Education deemed unfit to hold the position due to her lack of “education” has not one but two tweets with errors in them? Somebody must have been fired after this.

I’ve had my fair share of errors and typos in these columns, but misspelled names is a no-no. Especially from the Secretary of Education.

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